What if?

YouthBeat - 20 minutes a day and your class will never be the same

Students learn the principles of effective musical communication, and it shows in the quality of their work.

"I've never seen the students so happy."

Elementary teaching assistant, Oxford House First Nation

YouthBeat is based on a simple idea


By bringing something that matters deeply to students - their own music - into the classroom, generalist teachers can engage even the most difficult-to-reach students. Attendance jumps.

More attention and learning. Everyone wins.

YouthBeat is about expressing identity.

The app includes a microphone feature you can use to add vocals or rap to a piece.


In these short videos, students from Six Nations of the Grand River and the Squamish Nation explore both traditional and contemporary sounds.

Think About it From Your Students’ POV


It’s hard going to school and always doing things you’re not good at, things that take a lot of work before you see results.


Engagement is about providing a mix of activities - some that tap into things students are already good at and love doing, and others where they have to persevere to get results.


Two things most students love are today’s music and technology.


YouthBeat taps into both. Students learn how to write their own original song in a style that interests them. They draw on their tech skills as they push the YouthBeat app to the limits as a learning and creative platform.

We Make it Easy for You as a Teacher


The program is for anyone who loves listening to music. It draws on your listening skills as well as your students. The app lets you play with different musical concepts and then use your own taste and listening skills to decide which outcomes you like best.

The resources are great for rock, blues, traditional (Metis Elders even played jigs with it), and urban/hip hop. Something for everyone, including you.

We provide online tutorials that guide you and your students through simple activities, suited to be done in a 15-20 minute timeframe a few days a week. Great for team building and friend making.

We also provide training for you (in person or online), engage and train youth leaders (e.g. high school music students) to mentor your students once a week, and we provide opportunities to have a YouthBeat musician check in with the class.

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